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Originally produced in 2013, watch for Proof Doubt Closer's revival of this one-of-a-kind revue this spring!

A musical revue of great songs, many of them classics from the Great American Songbook. These songs came not from hit musicals, or from Tin-Pan-Alley songwriters. Each song was a bright spot in a Broadway musical that flopped. For every LES MIS, MY FAIR LADY and ANNIE, there's at least one PIPE DREAM, ANYONE CAN WHISTLE, or THE BAKER'S WIFE, proving that even Rodgers and Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim and Stephen Schwartz can write a flop show. For every blockbuster smash like BOOK OF MORMON or PHANTOM, there's an epic flop counterpart, such as SPIDER MAN, that flop by which all others are measured, CARRIE. But many of these also-ran shows contained extraordinary songs, many of which became hits in their own right. 'CARRIE' THAT TUNE' is a tribute to those songs: buried treasures, some kept alive by the recordings of Sinatra, Bennett or Ella Fitzgerald, others largely forgotten, other residing firmly in the “I had no idea that song was from a musical...which one?” category. Starting with a recreation of the notorious publicity stunt pulled by producer David Merrick on the opening eve of his flop SUBWAYS ARE FOR SLEEPING, this one-of-a-kind musical revue revives some of Broadway's greatest songs that got away, such as "Who Can I Turn To?", "What Did I Have?" and "One Night in Bangkok."

ALSO COMING SOON! We will announce our summer show shortly. Stay tuned!
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