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To remember always that theatre is a collaboration of performers, directors, designers and other artists, but it doesn’t truly become theatre until that equally essential group of people arrives: the audience.


The Proof Doubt Closer Theatre Company strives to create top-notch productions of quality plays, old and new, musical and non, specifically lost classics, new and recent works awaiting their chance, and buried treasures awaiting rediscovery. Proof Doubt Closer was additionally founded to help live theatre return to its prior glory: being the go-to choice for entertainment. Not something people do once a year, but something they do (at least) once a week. We are also committed to building audiences for the future, introducing new theatergoers, young and old, to the wonders of the live stage.


It is, after all, much more than just a ticket, a good seat or an excuse to dress up. It’s the live reactions, the actors and audience breathing the same air, the thrill, energy and even danger that only a live performance can bring.

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